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Harness Neoprene Vario Quick 38-45 cm


Fra 499,-

Car drivers travelling through rough terrain need a 4x4 vehicle. Dog owners out and about in similar terrain need a dog harness such as our NEOPREN VARIO QUICK model. The NEOPREN VARIO QUICK harness is very easy to use: simply let your dog “step into” it, close the fastener and you’re ready for off! The appeal of this harness lies in its comfortable fit. The straps can be adjusted in length to suit the dog’s girth, and thanks to the neoprene padding, your dog will hardly notice that it’s wearing a harness. The tear-resistant nylon fabric is weatherproof and easy to clean, even when you’ve been walking your dog on muddy farm tracks. The NEOPREN VARIO QUICK harness comes in five sizes and ten colour combinations. It can be combined with leashes from the Neopren collection as well as numerous other HUNTER leashes.


XS38 – 45 cm1,5 cm

S45 – 55 cm1,5 cm

M55 – 70 cm1,5 cm

L67 – 80 cm2,5 cm

XL79 – 100 cm2,5 cm