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Hunter Dog sofa Gent antibac


NOK 995,-

GENT ANTIBAKTERIELL dog cushions have such a simple and no-frills design that they go with every style of living and taste. They come in six different colours, and thus you are sure to find the perfect one for your dog. These softly padded cushions are particularly suitable for large dogs not only because of their big size but also their ample cushioning. GENT ANTIBAKTERIELL dog cushions come with Bionic Finish® C6 and SILVERPLUS® finish. Bionic Finish® C6 allows dirt, be it dry or wet, as well as water and other liquids to simply slide off the cover. Most of the dirt and stains can be removed simply with a dry or wet cloth. SILVERPLUS® finish permanently suppresses the growth of odour-causing bacteria. Thanks to this treatment, the dog cushions can be washed at an energy-saving temperature of 30°C so that they are clean and fresh again.