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Hunter Dog Sofa Vicenza Antibac


NOK 1795,-

With the SILVERPLUS® and BIONIC FINISH® C6 textile finishes, HUNTER is setting the highest standards in the functional dog accessory sector. The resource-saving technology in this double pack is successfully applied precisely where freshness and hygiene play a particularly significant role. SILVERPLUS® prevents odour-creating bacteria from multiplying, so even wash temperatures of 30 – 40 °C are enough to ensure effective bacteria protection. Water, oily liquids and dirt simply drip off thanks to the BIONIC FINISH® C6 finishing, facilitating care of the products to a great extent.

- Polyester
- filling: polyester
- removable cushion
- water- and dirt-resistant
- anti-bacterially treated with SILVERPLUS® and BIONIC FINISH® C6
- machine washable at 30 °C
- with zipper